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Cady Finlayson: News

A Fiddle Around Town on youtube - November 10, 2013

If you missed the tv show, it's now on youtube. 

Special guest Irish dancer Siobhan Butler, Boston Harbor Fiddle School @Thompson Island, author Christine Finlayson new mystery Tip of a Bone, the McPherson Scottish Festival in Kansas, and performances with Cady & Vita.

BRIC Community Producer - July 22, 2013

I've been taking classes in field production, digital stories, and TV studio at BRIC ( can read about the whole experience on my blog, but thanks to BRIC...

As of 6/27/2013, I am now a Community Producer at BRIC Media Center. This means that I can air some shows on their channel (BCAT), and use their equipment....

Stay tuned for some specials called "A fiddle around town"


Summer news - June 13, 2013

Here's the latest - I'm taking classes to qualify for cable tv specials/shows at BCAT TV (Brooklyn cable). A lot tba, but there'll be some cool specials that include Irish music as well as my upcoming youtube series, "A fiddle about town". 

On the Scottish front, I'm going to Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle school week in August... and then Vita and I will be playing for the Macpherson Scottish Festival in Kansas in September. We're working out all sorts of new material for this and the tunes are going to be beautiful!

So more, tba...I hope you are enjoying your summer! -cady

St. Patrick's Month - March 4, 2013

It's the March Madness that doesn't involve basketball....

Here's a show for those of you that like Irish music and steak...we're on at 8:30 pm (see showdates page for details).


and if you live on Staten Island, drop by the St. George Library on Saturday March 23rd 2 pm. Cady & Vita will be doing a free concert of Spirited Irish music with a global twist.

All ages welcome!

Concert footage from Windsor CT show - January 22, 2013

Vita and I had such fun playing at Northwest is a clip from the show. 

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Tickets on sale for January show! - November 30, 2012

We're doing a special concert Jan. 19th 2013 at Northwest Park, which is a beautiful park in Windsor CT. The series is The Northwest Park Coffee House Concert Series.  Tickets are on sale now and admission includes gourmet coffee and baked goods. In keeping with the theme,  I will be playing selections from the Irish Coffee cd , and on top of that, we have a whole bunch of beautiful new tunes to debut.... Here is the link for tickets. 7:30 pm show.

Police Pipes and Drums of Bergen County 20th Anniversary Tattoo - September 23, 2012

The weekend was a great success. Hosted by the Police Pipes and Drums of Bergen County, their 20th Anniversary Celebration included bands from Chicago, Cleveland, NYPD, NJ and more. Plus the Gibson bus was there for tours.

Photos and videos to be posted shortly.

Raleigh NC - September 17, 2012

We had a wonderful time in Raleigh North Carolina and will post videos and photos soon. Our concert audience was very welcoming, and we loved the southern hospitality. Highlights for me were playing with two colleagues that I haven't seen for a long time,

1.-Clifford Badgely, the music director of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church who is a great pianist (one of the tunes we played was Coilsfield House, a beautiful Scottish air, that was a highlight).

2. My good friend, and co-producer on my fiddle cds - Jim Roberts, surprised me by showing up at the concert, and best of all he brought his drum.  The videos will be ready soon. It was a night to remember.

Besides the concert, Vita and I experienced a fantastic dinner made by our new friend Marsha, who was practicing for her finals at Culinary school. We think we should show up the week before every final!

This week is the Pipe band 20th Anniversary (Police Pipes and Drums of Bergen County). We're doing a concert, plus there are all sorts of events. 

Denver show! - August 27, 2012

Last-minute Denver show booked and open to the public.

Friday September 7th 9 pm Katie Mullens Irish Restaurant and Bar

We'll be joined by Mari, who sung with my band years ago in NYC and now lives in Colorado.

The place is in the 16th St. mall at 1550 Court Place, by the Sheraton Hotel.

We'd love to see you!

Cady is interviewed by GoGirlsMusic - August 5, 2012

I was interviewed for GoGirlsMusic and it really got me thinking about all I've been doing in music and what it means to me. Here is the link

Summer 2012 - June 15, 2012

This summer is a time of getting organized and planning the big projects of the year..because come September, it gets a little crazy. We are working out some last-minute summer shows... 

In September I'll be in North Carolina, Denver and New Jersey all in the first three weeks. The Bergen County Pipe Band is having their 20th anniversary (have I really played for them for more than 10 years??!) and it's a whole WEEKEND. If you want to party with cops, this is your chance. The actual show is at the Bergen Performing Arts Center (Sat Sept. 22nd 7 pm)Tattoo_Advertisement_resized.jpeg

St. Patrick's Highlights: Photo slideshow - March 31, 2012

Vita on the Windsor Farm tractor - March 26, 2012

March 26th
We did the Robbinsville NJ Irish parade this weekend and were playing on a float pulled by the Windsor Farm tractor. So of course we had to take a moment and do a quick video......

St. Patrick's Month: NYC and beyond - March 19, 2012

We had the most fun shows this month. Parades, concerts and our first time playing for the Jameson pub crawl, complete with a party bus.

Countdown to St. Pat's! - February 15, 2012

Vita and I are going to be on a float for the Hamilton NJ Parade on March 10th....I ordered a long green wig just in case I get inspired to wear it!!

Band clips from APAP - January 19, 2012

Clips from our band showcase at the Arts Presenters Conference. There's Marina's beautiful voice, Lauren dancing those Irish reels, Cady moving like crazy as she's going for a beat on the stompbox, and Tim over there on the left with the bodhran. The one and only Vita...

Our new pencil drawing! - January 12, 2012

VIta and I are gearing up for PARADE SEASON. More on this, tba.
In the meantime, my favorite videographer (Brian Lynch) did a pencil drawing of one of the tunes we played for the Arts Presenters Conference (APAP), which was held at the HIlton Hotel. The piece we are playing is O'dowd's which is an Irish reel, but of course Vita adds his own take on it. Tim Alworth is playing the bodhran.

NYC shows and workshops - November 27, 2011

December 11th 2011 in New York City 6th Street Sundays Series
Audiences will have a chance to experience the "behind-the-scenes" part of the music - how we do what we do....
Vita and I will be doing workshops preceding the show.

1. Tips and Tricks of Irish fiddle (how to get that Irish lilt in your tunes) (all instruments welcome)
2. Spice up your guitar playing with Global Guitar styles (bring your guitars or listen)

SHOW 3 PM Cady Finlayson & Vita Tanga

325 E. 6th St. in New York CIty. $15 includes one drink, workshops and show.

Cady will soon have an ANDROID APP for up-to-the-minute Irish fiddle news.
She will be partnering with a new company for some great events....
and Arts Presenter Conference shows in January....

Child of Giants Screening - November 20, 2011

Today I went to see a screening of the film, Child of Giants, which is a documentary about growing up with two famous parents (Dorothea Lange and Maynard Dixon). One of the tracks from my Harp and Shamrock CD is used in the film, during the photos Dorothea took of Ireland, so that was fun to see. The film is going to be shown in Ireland, so look out for that....
Just seeing all those photos of the dustbowl and the depression - and then the ones in Ireland, was a good reminder of how fortunate we are, and all this right before Thanksgiving.

The other news is that we have a December show in New York City that includes two workshops.
Tips and Tricks of Irish fiddle (how to give your tunes that Irish lilt)
Global Guitar Styles: Spice up your guitar playing with Global Guitar Styles
It's December 11th as part of the 6th Street Sundays Series.
2 pm workshops, 3 pm show and $15 includes workshop, show and one drink. All ages welcome.

NYPD Memorial Concert - September 11, 2011

One of my favorite concerts that I do is the NYPD Memorial Concert. As many of you know I play with the Police Pipes and Drums of Bergen County, and they often participate in the concert. It's hard to explain the incredible audiences and spirit that is in that concert, but this review tells the story well, with videos. My favorite part of the event is the mass bands marching up Times Square....

Summer news 2011 - July 18, 2011

July 2011
This summer has been going very quickly and I've enjoyed all the concerts , both the ones I was playing and the ones I've been going to. I checked out the last part of the Frankie Gavin/De Dannan concert in my neighborhood, and that was amazing.
I'm also heading out to Virginia the end of this month to hear Dolly Parton, live in concert at Wolftrap. I can't wait!

Our June show at Caramoor was a summer highlight (a family show, captured in the video!).

Next in the news category, we'll be heading to the West Coast for a booking conference (Western Arts Alliance) the end of August and hoping to come away with some West Coast shows (I do miss the West Coast).

In September, it's time for the Town Hall NYPD Memorial show, (I'm playing with the Police Pipes and Drums of Bergen County). I love playing with the pipes and New York's Town Hall is a beautiful place to play. I hope the elevator is working this year. One year it wasn't and I was walking up 7 flights of stairs to our warm-up room wearing 3-inch heels. Yikes!

June news - June 14, 2011

If you missed this month's blog, we have a concert coming up at Caramoor ( ,that is worth checking out. The place is gorgeous with all the gardens and what is especially fun about this show is that there are all sorts of activities for kids all having to do with the concert (art/trying instruments/looking at Irish dance dresses). The MC/organizer (Katie Kresek) will be introducing us and the instruments to the kids, and they will have a chance to ask questions.
This reminded me of when I went to play for a pre-school class around St. Patrick's Day. I brought some postcards of Ireland, that showed the green and one that had sheep in it. WHen it came to questions, one of the little ones raised her hand and asked. ..."How many sheep ARE there in Ireland?". They didn't cover that one in my media training!

We hope to have some major news for you soon. This is the calm before the storm!

Our first float appearance and the March Parades - March 13, 2011

Highlights of 2010/Upcoming in 2011 - December 1, 2010

Highlights of 2010

1. We now have a video that captures what we do - from a series of different shows across the country.
2. The Electric Green CD came ou! and Marc Gunn of Celtic Mp3s listed it as one of the 14 favorites of 2010!
3. Being interviewed on the "Backstage Gourmet with PJ Grimes"(

3. Getting my first tickets to hear the Chieftains live (the show's in 2011)

4. Going to Cleveland with the Pipe Band for the Cleveland Peace Officers Memorial and having coffee every morning with my Rock and Roll Hall of Fame mug.

5. Vita building some foot pedals (the world of percussion is opening up all sorts of possibilities.

Looking forward to in 2011
1. Attending and showcasing at the Arts Presenters Conference in January (Hilton Hotel, NYC)

2. Developing our Christmas show with music from 7 Celtic Nations.

3. Coming out with a new video series (it's a surprise!)

4. Writing 50 new tunes and placing them in film. and seeing the film "Child of Giants" that has tune set from my Harp and Shamrock cd in it.

5. Another West Coast tour!

Going through video footage of shows, and in the midst of all, A TORNADO in Brooklyn - September 20, 2010

Our first real tornado in Brooklyn - big trees down, a few streets like Vita's with roofs blown off the buildings....
I'm reminded of the power of nature and that life is precious and short, so a good time to live fully and experience it all.

Vita and I have been going through DVDs of live shows, putting something together for presenters that shows what we do. It was amazing to see the variety of where we've played - from beautiful venues, to outdoor festivals, to workshops, to moments in our travels where we just HAD to do a video (i.e. the Grand Canyon and The White House).
Tying it all together in a few minutes is another challenge, but it does make you think about what you'd like people to know about your music, your live show, and the audiences that are very much a part of all this.

We'll probably post it on my youtube channel when done (

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